How to get solar panels grants?

There are government grants for solar panels available to homeowners in England, Scotland and Wales. Over £1.3bn of funding can be accessed by anyone receiving any of the 16 qualifying benefits and the key is knowing exactly where to find it.

Much of this funding has gone unclaimed, with many vulnerable households on lower-incomes paying more for their energy bills than they need to. New Solar Grant can help you determine whether you’re eligible for ECO3 funding and if approved, put you in contact with a local accredited installer.

What are solar panels grants?

Solar panel grants are drawn directly by accredited ECO installers and put towards the cost of the installation of solar panels for your home. Whilst your grant may not cover the full cost of installation - meaning you will need to make a contribution yourself - finance is available to cover any shortfall.

As well as being in receipt of one of the 16 qualifying benefits, you’ll need to have a home that’s got enough roof space and powered by electric heating. That said, we do also offer finance solutions for homes that are powered by alternative means, such as oil or gas.

Who provides solar panels grants?

Solar panel grants are provided by the government as part of their Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. This scheme gives assistance to homeowners on particular benefits by covering much or all of the cost of the installation of your solar energy panels.

The ECO scheme provides government-funded solar panels with a view to helping homes to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce energy poverty. The government works with the UK’s main energy companies and has now made it a legal obligation for these providers to offer funding to improve energy-efficient homes belonging to the most vulnerable people.

Eon, Npower, Scottish Power, EDF Energy, SSE and British Gas are just some of the energy companies to be involved with the scheme.

The ECO3 scheme as it exists today has been in place since the 1st of October 2018. Since commencing it has offered an opportunity for a much greater number of people to gain access to cheaper, greener energy. It is absolutely worth applying if you suspect that you might qualify for a solar panel grant.

The current ECO3 scheme has been introduced on the 1st October 2018 and opened an opportunity for free ECO grants 2022 for a wider group of people, it is certainly worth applying now if you believe you are entitled to assistance towards the cost of solar panels.

How much am I able to save with an ECO3 grant?

Solar panel grants under the ECO3 scheme are available to people who are in receipt of certain benefits. ECO3 grants enable households to gain funding to make their homes more heat and energy-efficient, providing access to such things as free boiler grants and funding for insulation. This is part of the energy companies’ obligations to certain groups of people.

The cost of solar panels will vary from company to company, but solar panels for your home will typically cost around £6,000, so solar panel grants are a fantastic thing to be awarded.

Electricity makes up perhaps the largest part of any domestic energy bill, so the more of it that can be provided by solar energy, the more energy-efficient your home will be. Depending on the age of your property, you could save 70% on your energy bills or more!

It is possible that you may also be entitled to other grants to improve the energy efficiency of your home, with cavity wall insulation and loft insulation able to further improve your property’s ability to retain heat. When combined with solar power, all of these improvements can make your home almost self-sufficient when it comes to energy.

Who is eligible for ECO3 Funding?

The criteria for the government’s ECO3 scheme are quite strict, so access to government-funded solar panels is quite limited. To qualify, you need to be a homeowner, living in the home you own. Please look through the New Solar Grant website to see if you meet the criteria and then make your application.

All you need to do is fill out our questionnaire as fully and accurately as you can. You will at some point also have to provide evidence of any benefits you’re receiving.

If you’re not eligible for the ECO3 scheme, but you’re still concerned about the installation costs of solar energy panels, don’t worry, as there are other avenues to explore. New Solar Grant also offers attractive fixed-rate finance options to help you pay for your solar panels, meaning you could be repaying from savings made on your electricity bills.

Exactly how does the solar panel grant scheme work?

Once your eligibility has been confirmed, your details will be passed along to one of our accredited local installers. You’ll normally be contacted with 24 to 48 hours of applying so that a suitable time can be arranged for your installer’s visit.

An approved solar panel installer will then visit your property to carry out a suitability assessment and to verify your benefit-related paperwork. The installer will be able to provide you with confirmation that you qualify for a solar panel grant.

Should you be lucky enough to qualify, your installation date will be arranged there and then.

Often the solar panel grant will cover the entire cost of the installation and our team can determine whether you need to make a contribution and how much that would be. What won’t be covered, is the cost of your storage battery, however, at Solar Panels Grants, we offer finance for this, subject to status. The good news is that your energy savings should be sufficient to cover this cost.

Important info: If you don’t own your home and live in a rented accommodation, you will need an approval from your landlord.

Arrange your solar panel installation and save 70% or more on your energy bills.

What are the benefits of the ECO3 scheme?

Those who are eligible could benefit from:

• Free solar panels or a significant reduction in the installation cost
• Free installation
• Savings of 70% or more on your household energy bills
• Added value to your property

There’s a catch, right?

No, absolutely not, however, in order to qualify, you simply need to meet the criteria listed above.

• You must be a homeowner or a tenant with landlord's permission
• Your roof should have enough space for solar panels
• Your roof is not obstracted with dormer windows or shadows from trees
• There may be an extra cost if a fitter needs to carry out additional work, above and beyond a standard replacement, the installer should inform you of this well in advance

What if I’m not eligible for solar panels grants?

Just because you’re not eligible for free solar panels, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the saving that they provide. That’s because you could Pay for your solar panels and installation on finance upfront and the incredible reduction in your energy bills that you’ll receive should cover that cost! If you’d like to know more about financing, check out our Help-to-Buy Solar PV page.

Another option for those not eligible for solar panel grants is the Rent-a-roof scheme that involves a specialist company installing free solar panels on your roof. You never own the solar panels, but their installation and maintenance are all provided free of charge. This provides the homeowner with free electricity and the installer gets to sell excess energy back to the energy company. Just bear in mind that this usually involves being tied into a lengthy contract, which could prove problematic if you ever come to move.

Is there a credit check involved with the finance plans?

Yes, there is a basic credit check carried out by the lender when taking out finance. You won’t have to wait long for a decision, as you’ll usually get an answer from the lender in just a couple of minutes.

Am I able to change my mind?

Absolutely, yes. You are able to change your mind, so long as your solar panel installation work has not yet taken place.