Help-to-Buy Solar Panels Scheme

Solar panels deals

If you’re looking for a great deal on solar energy panels, but you aren’t eligible or a solar panel grant, don’t despair, as there are other options! When looking at solar power, the upfront installation cost when combined with monthly payments can be difficult to find for many people without budgeting.

At New Solar Grant, we offer an affordable Help-to-Buy solar energy grant where you pay nothing for a whole year, which is then replaced by an extremely low rate that subsidised by the energy your solar panels make. This scheme is not only easy to take advantage of, but it will also protect you from the impact of future UK gas shortages and allow you to enjoy low-cost electricity bills!


  • Pay nothing for an entire year
  • Pay no deposit or upfront costs
  • Pay in full after 12 months or over 10 years at 4.9% APR
  • Enjoy hugely-reduced energy bills
  • A network of accredited installation engineers across the UK
  • A 15-year warranty on parts and labour
  • Round-the-clock support after installation
  • Reduce your home’s impact on the environment
  • Solar panel hardware of the highest quality
Solar PV offers


Over recent years, not only have solar panels become much more efficient but the price of a solar PV system is now 70% cheaper than it was as recently as 2010. This is great news for homeowners and even though there’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy, solar panels are still a considered purchase.

According to WHICH magazine "Before 2015, the average price paid for a 3.6-4kWp solar panel system was more than £9,000, however, between 2015-2018, that cost was closer to £6,600." Those same solar systems are now available for even less, with prices starting from just £3,995.

Solar power can offer savings of up to 70% on your energy bills and solar panel grants are available to anyone who’s home is heated by electricity. Don’t worry if it isn’t though, because even if your home is heated by oil or gas, we have finance solutions available.

When you get solar panels for your home, you provide yourself with permanent access to low-cost energy and with energy bills on a constant upward trajectory, the savings you can make are only going to increase. And with gas supplies across the world dwindling by the day, more and more people are going to be switching to the cleaner and abundantly available alternative of solar power.

Free solar energy

The solar panel grants on offer as part of ECO are available until at least March 2022, but there is no guarantee that they’ll be available after that. Take advantage of government grants for solar panels now before they disappear for good!

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